Monday, March 07, 2011

1452 : Life ends when you stop racing

I was talking to someone recently who was telling me – how because he was an only child – he lived a protected and sequestered existence – how he was never allowed to take more risks than were considered necessary ….. you get the drift.

As I pondered on this – it took me back to my own little world. What would I do, if I had only one kid? Would I be the super enveloping parent?

I have always dreamt, that if I ever live to see my (would be) daughter grow up, then I would design a room for her. One wall of this “wonderland” room would be adorned with photographs…people she should look up every night, and idolise…and internalize.

One of the photos – most definitely will be of Ayrton Senna. If she ever asks me, “who?” – my answer to her will always be the enigmatic “….because life ends at 33.”

That apocryphal story settles the question asked above.

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