Friday, March 04, 2011

1450 : Judgement day

Sometimes I feel judged and that is one thing that turns me off so much…it almost makes me want to run away and avoid. Not talk, not write, not be seen….

Its funny how the modern world has become an ideological war zone…every man out to rub onto the other, that my sun shines brighter than your orange…..and all via perfectly blatant guerrilla warfare (oxymoron!!).

These are times, I find my mom and her approach to life refreshing. She draws out conversations out of me, as if I were a well….she nurses my ego….she soothes the bruises…and admonishes the obvious mistakes….all as part of one large interaction.

This is such a magnanimous and self effacing act – I have told myself….I must emulate her on this one.

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