Saturday, January 29, 2011

1437 : Work life balance

Have been at home for the past few days. On some evenings at 6pm, when I can indulge myself – I stand in my balconey and stare down at the garden below. I see mothers and dads with their kids down there.

Given that I am part of a largely sexist society where mother’s are primary care givers – I can understand their presence…..what does not make sense though is the Papas (make no mistake, they are not the primary care givers..they are lugging around a laptop to prove they just jumped gun at office)….how can you be back from office at 6.

Its such an amazingly alien concept to me. I too sometimes hop back home by 6, but then work from home kicks in, and garden does not feature in the scheme of things.

Really…don’t judge me…and neither am I..or at least I am trying not to. …but seriously, goes back to my pet point- what kind of job allows you to be back home at 6, when no one in lazy Bangalore reaches office before 10am.

On usual days, I reach office at 830 and struggle to get back home by 830 and I am still always way behind my schedule. Either of the following can possibly explain  this situation:
1) I have a terribly work ethic
2) Dont know how to say NO
3) Am inept and inefficient
4) Am married to my job (such an idiotic statement that one is, I marvel at who conjured it)
5) I dont delegate enough to my staff
6) My staff are incompetent

last option : 7 )I work at a place which pushes people hard. We care for and pride ourselves on our careers. We treat family and work as equals, and the question of balance does not arise. We enjoy the kickass work we do. We have a family at home, and great kinship at work. We have all our outside of office fun on weekends and vacations.

Pick and choose.

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Roshan said...

all of 1-6. Option 7 is utopian.

Anup said...

Your 7 sins could use one more addition - 'you have (have always had) superiors who has no respect for your family time, as he's also a carrier of one of the 7 sins, and he's the one who pushes you in the same direction"