Saturday, January 29, 2011

1434 : A tough cookie coming up

I have been slowly (and steadily) coming to terms  - that 2011 is indeed going to be one of the tougher years professionally, personally  and financially. Usually when more than one of these mistresses come together – you are unsure whether the stacked cards will really hold up long enough.

At this point, I am not sure…really not….but what I am certain of is, the journey is going to be a hell of a six-flags roll coaster, and I am going to try and laugh all along its trough…largely in part because, there is not much I can do more, than grin and bear Smile

I am hoping next Jan, I look back with pride on this challenging year. What does not immediately kill you, makes you start believing in lady luck and Chinese chutney charmsSmile

And all of this, in a year before the run up to the end of the world….. What bloody timing Smile

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