Saturday, January 29, 2011

1432 : Forty is the next 42

Now-a-days I am perennially sleep deprived. I often try to catch 40 winks (read one and you will get the irony of this phrase!!) whenever I get a chance to.

I was an hour into my sleepy soiree today when spousey walked in to wake me up (or so she tells me).

Spousey : Amit, wake up (accompanied by that shoulder shake and arm slithe)
Me : Are we at 40?
Spousey : (confused and right so) What is 40?
Me : I want to sleep next to 40.

(At this point spousey allowed me to sleep for another hour before she woke me up to give me this story).

She asked me later : Do you know someone named “40”? Is this some sort of code name.

I wanted to tell her, that in my secret garden, I find it difficult to track names within a harem, so I use numbers instead. I was indeed referring to #40.

Ah…marital bliss cometh Smile

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