Saturday, January 29, 2011

1431 : Make time pause, make bullets tumble

Picture this.

I am with this little 4 month old baby – someone who I have had the pleasure of baby sitting multiple times in the past few months.

On quite a few of these occasions, he and I get into this street style b(r)awl Smile

You get the idea – he wails to bring the walls down, and makes you wonder, with a throat like this – why did anyone ever think of 911….he could holler and summon them, if he put his mind to it.

Often in the middle of his bawl, I detect his pillow or diaper or something else moving and shuffling a bit from its correct position…and I need to correct it.

So I tell him in a loud pitch “Buds (for buddy), just a minute, need to reposition your pillow.”…and wonder wonder……  like the Hindi movies where in comic fight sequences – the hero as he is punching 10 bad guys at a restaurant where he is munching breakfast – actually requests them to wait for a sec - as mid-fight, he pauses to have another morsel of his incomplete egg bhurji – and they all puerilely enough, instantly freeze in time – gaping at him and his bhurji, wide eyed, as he uses a fork and spoon to carefully feed himself – wipe himself with a napkin – and then hits “play” again – and the fight continues where it left off ……. exactly like that, our little buddy pauses his wail, helps me adjust the pillow and as soon as I am in his view again, resumes his bawl exactly where he left it Smile

This has happened not just once, but enough number of repeatable times, for it to become a funny enough tale – that I had to share with his mom.

We seem to have a tiny NEO amongst us. Will he also chew the red pill, and figure out the depth of the rabbit hole ? Lets hope.

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