Saturday, January 22, 2011

1415 : The silver streak

For the best part of 17 years, the only piece of metal on my body – other than my watch is a silver bracelet. I have had 3 different ones over the years and each time the old one has broken, I have bought a new one.

My deep (and slightly irrational belief) that “silver provides calm” to one’s body(which btw is a very widely accepted belief) is possibly one of the reasons that I have continued with this habit.

The belief is a mix of mumbo jumbo and some real world chop drop. I still remember that as a kid, whenever I wore a copper amulet, my hands would run green (on account of the oxide) and I would run a high fever. So metals do interact with the body.

Co-incidentally since the mid 90s, I have definitely managed to overcome my anger problem. I still do get rushes of blood, but then, I deal with it more inwardly than really smash the television on someone’s head Smile

How did we get talking about all this?

Raavan was asking me about the silver and whether he could have one too. I told him it will cost him monies and more importantly, don’t know whether they have bracelets off the shelf tailored for fatsos…maybe we shall have to go in a bespoke….how avant garde I must say Smile

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