Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1405 : On the death of another truth

Yet another person (that I knew) has succumbed to his own blood…the red liquid that usually sustains, but sometimes ends up regurgitating life…

It got to him over a week ago. I did not know him intimately, and yet, I knew him more than I know most others. I knew at least one of his secrets which he had shared with a few trusted folks.

He was a full decade or two elder to me, but seemed fun, full of life and epitomized hope.

As I digested his end, I felt a lump in my throat remembering his invite “If you ever come to Lokhandwala, please come to our place”. I regret never having called him up or having taken up this invite.

A death is a bloody full throttled full stop. Everything extinguishes.

It occurs to me that the bottle has a message. Sometimes, life does hold a mirror to our insides. What we see in it, determines what we do with the reflection. I usually avoid mirrors Sad smile

A silent prayer for the soul, who was never my friend, but was a little more. RIP!!

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