Sunday, January 09, 2011

1403 : Shoot the star…and other spangled matters !!

Transfixed by the shuttering star, it occurred to me that the twinkler was just like I….one in a billion, yet unique and shining, intermittent, riding through the troughs,occupying terra firma, though no one quite really understands why or what, there inspite of the others and (strangely enough) because of them (as well!!).

Does a star ever bother about being the most brightest, fastest, continuous, resplendent and forever ? On more simpler matters, does it even bother even merely “being”?

(I live in a city, where the clear black sky is littered with stars at night…unlike my older city which was just one spongy dark enveloping blanket. Here, I can stand outside on my balcony and gaze at them for hours if it so pleases me. Someday soon, a big telescope with the nikon mount (of course) is on the agenda!!)

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