Saturday, January 08, 2011

1397 :Rhythm is gonna get you everytime

Rhythm is everything in my life. Let me explain.

There are weeks wherein I sleep about 4-5 days for each day contained in it….and I survive office and home, with just about my closest friend – my headache Smile

And then Sunday comes and I sleep 8 hrs and everytime falls apart. My body aches, my mind is under severe fatigue, my agility is gone…

Take another example. Exercise . If I run for 5 days a week, then I run for 15 more. If I miss 2 days then the 3rd day my mind reminds me of my left knee which has a problem, or the recurrent migraine that is floating like a halo around my head.

Get the drift?

This happens all the time in everything.

Life is one contiguous event horizon. You pause to breathe and you are bloody dead Smile

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1 comment:

Aditi said...

I so so agree with you...esp the exercise thing...if only i cud stick to it.. sigh...