Saturday, January 08, 2011

1396 : Older

For some obscure reason, the word “Older” was stuck in my head today….and all I could think was the George Michael 1996 album, which was quite a path breaking album from the “Wham” lead,  especially in terms of songwriting and production quality.


I am undeniably growing older. As I retrospect, it occurred to me that my multiplicity has divided life into infinitesimal shreds and shards…amongst which  very little that I can very much call my own.

Growing up means wanting slightly different things from life. In these times and age, I do wish for
- a few little tiny beginnings to turn into marathon runs Smile
- my little web of remaining relationships to somehow survive distance and the sub urban edge.
- smoothening of a few open hanging relationships and achieving “closure”.

When I look back at my time and life
- I have made tons of mistakes….committed almost serial harakiri. If only, I had made a little lesser of those, my life would be such a different ball game.
- Life deals you a set of cards. You play to win. I don’t think I have consistently focussed on winning, at times I have gotten defocussed on the cards. Thats needs to stop.
- Hurry. My life is short and I need to do more and more in less and less.

As 2011 starts, I have actually told myself that I shall rebaseline life. Too much water under the bridge. Assume life is just starting and play the game all over again. Sometimes disowning the baggage can make you feel terribly light. I hope I feel lighter from now on.

A last wish….a little “sweet” someone would call me a little more often Smile Even once a day will do Smile (See I am such a reasonable person).

Hope 2011 focks. (no thats not a typo!!)

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