Tuesday, January 04, 2011

1390 : The higher intelligence

In continuation from my previous post. a few clarifications.

I myself don’t understand the world around me and clearly acknowledge that I possibly understand 1% of it, and the whole of humanity put together understands just a little more, say25 – but save the physical obvious ones – we are just still figuring out.

To me – this unknown represents the higher intelligence – the intelligence of Uncle Universe…you can safely call this GOD.

So, to me, its no conflict to have God in your pocket and a physics textbook in your hand.

It’s a conflict to believe
1. That this God influences your life in any predictable controllable way.
2. That the world around you can be controlled and altered by wearing rings or by planets. (We are influenced by the whole world around us….as per the classic Bell’s theorem, but then its different to saying a stone of Neelam on my finger will help me.)
3. The world is a deterministic game.

(On a side note, an atheist physicists like Mr. Hawking (with whom I am proud to share my bday) sounds so much cooler..I also share it with the King….if you ask “King who?”….forget it…..)

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