Monday, January 03, 2011

1389 : Oooh baby, I love you when you are so terribly confused.

I have said this before, but I find it fascinating that we push our children to understand, emulate and discover physics and maths….and then tell them that they can only marry if the kundali’s match or if they start their karate classes on 8th since that is their lucky date.

I mean no disrespect to astrology, but its an inexact science – versus physics as an example. I don’t mean to belittle one in favor of another.

But….a human mind can either be tuned to appreciate physics or astrology, but will find it a difficult prospect to marry the two twangs.

I find it more improbable (hold your breath…its slightly counter intuitive) when my namesake wears 20 rings in 10 fingers. At what point  do an exact art and an inexact art do the crossover, is a further mystery to my “figure it out” side.

Even as adults we struggle to strike a balance….how do we expect our little children to manage this conflict?

The road to perdition is short and is in our own backyard.

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