Monday, January 03, 2011

1387 : Some of my favorite lines…

From Movie Sitara, Sung by Lata and Bhupinder, Music by RD Burman, Lyrics by …good guess….Gulzar

maanga hai jo tum se woh jyada to nahin hai
de ne ko to jaan de de waada to nahin hai
koi tere waadon pe jeeta hai kahaan
tinkon ka bas ek aashiyaan

If you understand Hindi, you shall know that the play of words here is just staggeringly superb. Its almost like an inspired work of a magical genius. Have translated it below in English for someone who might not know Hindi. The song is sung in perfect harmony between Lata and Bhupinder.

Lata : What (I) am asking (of you) , its really not  too much (at all),
Bhupinder : I would gladly give my life, as long as you don’t ask for my word (He means, he shall give his life in lieu of a fabled promise )
Lata : Whoever pins her hope to hinge on your (false) promises.

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