Sunday, January 02, 2011

1381 : Music and the sundance kid

I was reading with fascination a brilliant book on the physics of music (more on that later). Its kind of a little book of insights.

I read with intrepid wonder as the author explained that if you have never heard enough music before you are a young child (say around 4), you shall never find it easy to “play by the ear and the pitch”…a term which musicians use to describe a sound in a note, and can identify listening.

I read that, and I knew why I was doomed. I started listening most of my radio by 7 and continued till today – but for the life of me, I can never identify the “A flat”…I can say a high pitch vs a low pitch..but that even a cow can do…and possibly much better.

Another related study I was reading, was explaining why “Mozart” is good for my kid. It said something eerily similar to what I have been debating with friends all along – summary of which is – the more pristine and structured the music – the more the “learning” mind will find patterns in. A child who listens to Mozart – understands harmony and possibly melody quite intuitively.

And that ability to sort information into patterns will then flow into other parts of his neural co-ordination.

Kids who understand music, are supposedly more emotionally stable and they are better parents. Seriously, thats what the study explains….especially in their ability to pick patterns.

As a connected fact, I know a few folks who share my deep interest in music. I must say, they are easily the most rooted and peaceful folks I know. They are also good listeners (in a conversation) and come across as “human”.

Summary – when my chubby girl child is eventually conceived….she shall listen to Bhimsen and Rashid from day 0. It just helps that I love that music as well. And oh of course, DMB, Dylan and Floyd….

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Viji said...

Whenever I read what you post I am like yes of course how exactly right and then i want to say somehting but you have said it all : )
love you