Saturday, January 01, 2011

1379 : New year eve

Was talking to someone about the new year party (the same one by Morons and Mammons)…and he said all of this is essential to impart social skills and culture to the kids. He was telling me that I shall “appreciate” these social dos a little more when I have “kids of my own.”


If this is the culture and social skills my kid is going to have (or need)….he can acquire it when he has to. Till then, papa is going to go into his Himalayan Abode and behave as a recluse.

(I wanted to tell the hare brained invididual I was talking to…that “kids of my own” or not….but “brains of my own” I do already have and extensively use.)

(Also…WTF ???? what kind of social skills does a kid develop when he hears Sunidhi croon… name is Sheila….Sheila ki jawani).

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