Saturday, January 01, 2011

1378 : Ustadji you saved us

Yesterday in our “My name is Sheila - Sheila Ki Jawani” infested apartment complex (they were actually playing this song loud and on repeat)…the celebrations for the new year event appeared sponsored by Mammon (and not to forget a bunch of Morons).

It was loud, noisy, an intrusion of private space…and the ilk which you associate with any set of people who have gotten their wealth a little too easily, are uncomfortable with it, but still want to revel it.

Our fightback….we shut out the windows…turned on the bathroom exhausts….turned up the Ustad Rashid Khan playlist – loud and noisy enough to override the sound from the complex.

(We shall overcome…)

This is how we slept up until 2pm…when the mess eventually subsided and Sheila ( I think) was completely ravished Smile with tongue out

Wanted to take this occasion to sincerely thank Ustadji and wish him and his ilk a brand new decade.

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