Saturday, December 25, 2010

1376 : The missing dimension

I am very perceptive about myself (or so I like to believe), about tiny things in my body and head.

Here is an interesting part of the situation:

1. I have an elephant like memory, especially for things and trivia that interest me.

2. In a memory, I can never ever recall the timbre of the voice. As an example I will tell you the song “Halwa Wala Aa gaya” is from the movie Dance Dance, has Mithun and Mandakini, I can hum the song – but I cannot tell you the name of the singer- because the memory is lacking the aural quality. (Unlike my wife who will hum for 10 seconds, almost as if, she is hearing it play in the background and then throw the answer “Vijay Benedict”..she does this consistently and almost everyone seems to do it too).

3. If you now make me listen to the song – there is a good chance in 10 seconds I shall tell you the name of the singer. I can do this better than most others and even after 30 years of having first listened the song. (Of course, the assumption is, I knew the name of the singer back then as well).

4. Similarly, I can never remember faces in my memory. My wife who I saw 4 days ago is a blurred haze in my head. I can’t visualize my sister’s face at all.

5. If I see my sister 30 years later, she would have grown old, but I would catch her in a wink. I still walk into malls and tell folks –” are you from St. Johns? Is your name Sujoy?” and they almost fall off. My brain seems to have this unbelievable capability to factor in ageing into a memory, while completely lacking basic qualities/dimensions of a memory record.

Weird huh….I guess so. My sis and others think I am joking when I tell them on the phone, “I cannot visualize you”….I swear, I really cannot!!

No wonder, on days like today, I miss folks quite a bit Smile

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