Saturday, December 25, 2010

1371 : Come September

I have openly admitted to two things:
1) Being an unbridled  fan of Miss Arundhati Roy (and not for her ideas alone…some of which I might not completely agree with….but for her courage to stick to them, inspite of public glare)
2) Having been panned by left right and center for being a supporter of the ladySmile . Seriously, the amount of hate mail I have got on this topic is not even ridiculous!!

Have been listening to a series of speeches by her in a collection called Come September (from 2002). In this series, the lucidity of her ideas flow….so does the of gab. Her voice and her comfort with herself is so amazing……it shows!!

She does have a tiny speech in that collection called “suspicion of nationalism”….which is eerily prescient of her arrest warrant and sedition charges.

As I often tell people….go beyond the obvious….there is a world we “see”, and there is a world which “is”. We should all hope to catch a glimpse of the world which “is”.

(I add her to the list of people I hope to meet before I die. Mr. Rushdie is the first in the list.)

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