Wednesday, December 22, 2010

1360 : Yeh Honsla (sad) from Dor –translated to English

rishtey, bharosey, chahat, yakeen,
un sab ka daman ab chak hai,
samjhe the haatho main hain zameen,
mutthi jo kholi bas khak hai!
dil main yeh shore hain kyun..
imaan kamzoor hai kyun...
nazuk yeh door hai kyun..

This is Yeh Honsla from Dor, a Nagesh Kukonoor film – sung by Shaukat Amanaat Ali Khan (the Mitwa singer…).

These are the lyrics of the sad version of this song – lasts less than 2 minutes – but has the power to give me goose pimples – inspite of having heard it a 1000 times already. The voice, the bassy strings (counter-intutive??? but it is)….the lyrics…..If you don’t understand hindi/urdu –heres an excuse to learn the language.

Please hear it.

Translated below to help folks

Liaisons, trust, affection, assurance
The (underlying) fabric (of all of those) has now been horribly shorn,

(I always) believed that the world was within my grasp,
(When I eventually) opened my palm, the vacuous void was revealed

Why is there so much chatter in my mind?
Why is my belief feeble and faltering?
Why is this (connecting) thread so bare (and weak)?

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Aditi said...

When u write this way.... songs get alive around me...and i get that sudden urge to listen to them immediately.. which precisely i am gonna do now... :) and ofcourse ... this song again is a masterpiece...undoubtedly!!!

jhansi said...

So nice to see this translation. .and superb song . .I love to listen to it as many times as possible