Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1346 : Nirvana

Prashant and I were having such a ball of a laugh the other day. We work at a wormhole where titles matter. Its important that you become MD and then something beyond that (lets say Sr. MD – SMD).

If you become SMD, you have entered the ultimate echelon of fame within the firm’s history.

We were looking at each of these symbolic titles as the 7 steps to Nirvana. The person who finally becomes SMD is out of this. He has achieved everything there is to achieve. He is above and beyond every common man’s realm.

People look at these “achievers” and the symbols with spellbound awe. If you played ludo or snakes and ladders as a kid, then you know what it is to say “chooth gaya” (he is liberated). Becoming a MD/SMD is similar to chooth gaya.

Its almost as if, the person has become an SMD going through endless cycles of karma (birth and rebirth) till he finally got liberation.

BTW, I crave to be an SMD as well someday. Now you partly know why I am deranged Smile

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