Monday, November 22, 2010

1343 : A Guide to the Perplexed


Am almost getting done with EF Schumacher’s A guide to the Perplexed. A rarer book by the genius who wrote “Small is beautiful”.

Its 172 pages and is written with an intent to being a guidebook on how to live life. The book is fairly difficult to read, and at times there are quite a few points, which I completely disagree with.

What I found interesting is a chapter devoted to “knowing oneself” and his point being if you don’t experience yourself, you cannot perceive the wisdom of others – almost akin to my point of “personal greatness” – if you don’t have a definition of that, then you might as well live a bumkum life.

And to explain that he says, if you don’t know what sorrow (or anger or unhappiness or happiness or pain) is then you can never quite understand a fellow human being going through that experience. Makes sense.

Overall a good book (though a very difficult read…very dry prose)….though not in the league of Small is Beautiful. Read it to assimilate more of a modern day Buddha.

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