Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1337 : Real world skills

Was telling my wife the other day, if tomorrow say aliens jam our satellites, we shall be screwed. All information highways will stop…and doomsday will happen Smile

What will I do in that case. I will cook….because thats one real world skill that could quite easily be the worlds second oldest profession.

On a serious note….think hard….its essential to constantly measure how much of a real world skill are we acquiring in this artificial and abstracted world.

I can cook, work like a carpenter, paint, do some plumbing, drive cars…..each of them is a real world skill….that might one day save my life.

And I believe in that Smile

Real world skills also ensure that portions of the brain – other than ones which are actively used to deal with abstraction – will continued to be greased… in a real world crisis….a “real world skilled” person will deal better with the emergency.

So much for gyan Smile

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