Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1331 : Brand endorsement




I was reading with interest, about our President, Miss Pratibha Patil visiting Puttaparthi on Nov 19th to participate in Satya Sai Baba’s 85th birthday on 23rd Nov (and I am sure she is flying there in official capacity and not on her personal expense account))

Colors surrounding Sai Baba apart, I don’t think I would flinch an eyelid if my own mother were to do this – but as the head of a state, are you really allowed to wear your biases and brands on your sleeve.

Can you for example demonstrate behaviour which almost holds your personal values as that of a lumpen?

I know there are enough states which are avowedly biased say Indonesia (Islam) or Israel or the middle eastern ones. And then there are ones like China and Russia which are atheist nations.

I think in factors like religion which are decidedly extremely polar issues within humans, I prefer for a state (and its head) to be very apersonal(and apolotical) on that issue….almost a la China.

For now, everyone right from our president wishes the baba a happy bday Smile

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