Sunday, November 14, 2010

1330 : What I am most afraid of….

Continuing from the previous post. Personally, for myself, I have a few set of basic rules for life. I don’t want to be

1. Transactional – where operational items become life. Like I have always “hated” it when people talk to me about “did you eat breakfast?”, “did you have your medicines”, “did you wipe the toilet seat?”. I would rather you talk to me about the  texture of the bread we are eating. Get it…..I would focus on the non-operational part of everyday living.
2. Reductionist – I hate asking “what will happen if?” – e.g. will it matter if my daughter studies at TISB…no, on a planar level that does guarantee anything…but you don’t want to be stuck into that meaningless existential argument. Choose the best chance, option that life offers you….and the best will happen to you.
3. Lumpen – I don’t want my opinions, behaviour to be governed in any way by the lumpen. That does not mean, I fashionably disagree with the lumpen on everything….in fact in most things I am the lumpen. But I choose what I have to choose….I refuse to blow noisy crackers, I refuse to change my name due to numerlogy, or put a black dot on my daughter.

A few more rules exist, but hope you get the drift?

Why should I not want this for my daughter or son as well?

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