Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1321 : Make a wish without a foundation :-)

My post on giving children a focus, got quite some flak from Sri, my mom and some private messages on my email.

I still fail to see how you can live in a world without an aspiration. I definitely don’t want to tell or coach my daughter on how to do things – but I do want to equip her enough to “find things which you might want to do”…and even to do that I need her to focus on the light.

Like how far back do you take this reductionist stance? Really….thats the question.

If there is one thing I am wary of (in addition to getting transactional) in life, its getting into a reductionist trap.

For the record, I do ideally want my daughter to be equipped to think, to analyse, to correlate….more importantly, I want her to love Uncle Universe and respect it.

And that “wish” is eternal…no matter the ensuing flak from my love(s) :-) and bloody reductionism be very well damned.

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