Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1317 : Grit and grin

(ok…am back at my preachy best :-)

Paradoxically …. (I think) in life you need to almost always accept a circumstance, but not necessarily ever adjust to it….infact, on the contrary, if it is not a favourable circumstance, you should in all probability “fight” it unto death.

The very same equanimity (read paradox) applies irrespective of whether you are dealing with something debilitating like cancer, cirrhosis …. or a kid who refuses to calm down at night……or a boss who has balls of goat dung (confirmation test : does he/she go “Meeeh….maayuh…..Meeeeh…..maayuh….Meeh….maayuh”)

Strangely its this simple “paradox” which might be the secret sauce, which distinguishes “greatness” from “giving up”.

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