Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1302 : Arundhati Roy

I hear she is being booked for sedition for suggesting that “Kashmir is better off as an independent state.”

I am apolitical, and under-read…so have no views on the Kashmir issue. But I have to say this….

For a Booker Prize winner to give up an easy life of literary plaudits and instead to live a life using your pen to wield a voice for the minority – that in itself is worth a bow. To write like her post-booker works – An ordinary person’s guide to the empire (or something like that), The Algebra of Infinite Injustice….and other scathing pieces. Brilliant is the word!!

I often sit and wonder….what distinguishes me and a million other clutchless souls from someone like Miss Sharmila Irom or Arundhati Roy is a simple thing  - “calling”.

They have found their inner voice – which connects them with the universe at large….the universe’s joys are theirs and the pain and languish of the world around is theirs as well.

In some sense, they own the world…quite literally.

While we simple mortals….all we do is buy our houses, get children into TISB, salivate for the BMW and watch crappy Aamir Khan movies (more on the idiot later).

We never actually understood life, I think….Life is more than a sum of parts…Life is infact a game of figuring out the whole. Miss Roy certainly seems to have found her personal greatness and her larger identity….she knows in her heart she belongs to the universe.

Whereas the frog in me  belongs to 1xx9, Palm Meadows, Bangalore.

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Anup said...

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeee..Amit :P

Arundhati Roy is in her late 40’s and going through a serious case of hyper hormonal activity all due to the onset of menopause.

My advise tO Arundhati Roy, “Don’t forget to have your vitamins..You’re becoming a royal national pain!”

Vinay @ said...

Not sure about the inner voice and the calling. But she certainly seems to be "celebrity activist for hire" these days championing all & sundry.

In this particular case, the land that allows her freedom of expression & speech is being taken for granted.

Agreed that there are issues and the state's made mistakes. But the gun or secession aren't solutions. These are already making a bad situation worse.

Anonymous said...

the dias with the separatist, Geelani who does everything to destroy the peace in the valley is definitely not personal connect :)..N some of the last few movies from Aamir Khan have been about personal connect.. finding your own destiny ( 3 idiots), taking up responsibility for your society (RDB, though I do not support violence), Peepli (a view to the rural Indian society)..