Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1270 : To spar and scar….

I often wonder, what is it that makes some of us choose the worst from a given situation in life while others remain cheery even in the face of WWIII….

I genuinely, from deep within the recesses of my mind believe that this life is worth living and there is enough joy and happiness around, if one looks for it – if we occupy the right corner in the room.

I see a few close folks and see them festering away(and believe me, I make a sincere attempt not to judge), gnawing at their own insides, growing older much before age has caught up with them, feeling tired and weary from a world gone awry.

At times like this, I say a silent prayer….:-) asking for nothing, expecting nothing but silence…all the time wishing for a wondrous world that could so easily have been ours.

The glass says with a glint,  “I am empty”.

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