Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1264 : To be killed in a car accident…

A few days, I read a news report on the front page of Times Of India, Bangalore, which went….. “ The care containing the family of 4 veered off the road,  and drove into the river. XYZ who was driving the car was killed post the accident, while the other 3 survived….”

Maybe, I am a bloody stickler…but how do you get “killed” post an accident….did somebody stab you, or did you get shot by the sheriff ?

I think the right word should be “XYZ died post the accident….” “Killing” requires an external force with which is man made…..or so, I think.

(The next day, the same bloody newspaper ran a front page story which said “XYZ runned this year for the corporator”…. “runned”…. what next?……… “He eated breakfast yesterday”…:-)

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