Thursday, September 02, 2010

1241 : Is 14 years enough?

I was reading Geoff Lawson defend the Pakistani players in TOI. He rambled and ambled along –suggesting how poverty and cultural challenge can be an excuse for being morally bankrupt – I truly have no views on that all…..what caught my eye was the last line of the article… said something to the effect, that we should take a step back and think hard before “banishing” the pakistani players.

I am assuming that he meant “banning” and not banishing.

Where will the Pakistani players go if they were indeed “banished” for 14 years…..maybe the Vindhyas or maybe Harappa or the Afghan terrain :-)

Funnily, the bloody Australians (;-))  need to learn, that its one thing to constantly hit the ball out of the park, and a completely different ball game to speak correct English !!

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