Monday, August 23, 2010

1229 : Who is a duhhhh or variously "What is porn?"

If you don't know the answer, welcome to the loser's club. This one is from the Bangalore Mirror, Sunday edition 22nd August. Needless to say from Dr. Mahinder Watsa's legendary askthesexpert ....hic hic hurray :-)

I recently heard about porn. What is this? What is the use of it? Where can we see it?
Learn to use a dictionary or get information from the Internet. Porn material is that which excites sexual desires. Although illegal, it is found in print movies, videos etc. The only time advised by sexologists is for ageing couples whose sex life has become boring or almost nil. Where are they available - use your detective instincts.

Am I part of an ageing couple with nil sex life....well, let me think :-))

(From the same column ...another howlarious one).
I am 25 year old married woman. My husband's elder sister is a doctor. She tests my breasts and vagina once a month. I am really fed up with her behavior. Even though my husband knows about this, he supports his sister's views. I cannot escape from the situation. What is your advice?
Why not ask her what is she doing the examination for. It is your body, so you have the right to object to the invasion of your privacy. My guess is that they are keen you conceive.

My advice never marry if your potential sis-in-law is a doctor :-)

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