Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1227 : Metaphor(s) on a green rainy day

Picture this.

I get out of office at 615pm. My sis has come down to visit me @ Bangalore, wanted to catch a few precious hours with her.

I reach the lobby and its quite literally red earth and pouring rain…..(Vikram Chandra….do you hate me!!)

My sis is waiting at a food court close to office (and she is without a phone).

How do I get there without getting drench?

I go down to my parking, open my car’s boot and hunt out for a umbrella….and lo!!

My umbrella is an old green one, belonging to my previous firm. I take it out and in the midst of a competitor, I walk shamelessly with the dark brooding green umbrella.

I should have felt very sheepish; and yet ironically, (and strangely), I felt a part of me swell in pride, almost taking in with pride the incredulous look I was getting from bystander colleagues.

Delightful irony – what saved me on a rainy day was an old green (close to the heart) umbrella!!


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