Thursday, July 15, 2010

1191 : What does (sub) urban decay actually mean?

It comes quite easy to me to look at a glass and call it neither empty nor full, but just “half and half”. I believe I see the underbelly of the beast – sometimes its pleasantly “full”, sometimes its so expectedly “empty”.

So many of my posts lament urban decay in some form or shape. Am I quite simply allegorical, or am I alluding to the metaphorical or am I just being an aching melancholic?

I don’t have an easy answer. A lot of folks ask me, “are you in pain?” – and invariably these are people who don’t know me at all. If you know me, even a shard,  I just cannot be in pain for too long. My chin grins and my shin sins :-)

Probably to yearn to be in a better place, is an essential part of being “alive”. “Better” in itself is quite “personal” for each of us. For me, I really want to constantly savor the tinyness of my beating heart, within the macrocosm of the ever expanding universe – and that for me is “better” – and that is what lends me my acidic tongue, my sharp pen, and an eye for the naked prosaic urbanity.

(I will stop here, this is such a terribly written post….its almost a meaningless meander. A glass of wine would have made this so much more readable :-))

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