Sunday, June 20, 2010

1180: Life’s a Bitch

Someone i knew, recently passed away. This girl is 15 years old and one fine day, she just decides abruptly (for all of us who knew her) to end her life. She comes back home from her Summer job, picks up a bottle of phenol, gulps it down and ….phantoosh!

None of her family folks know why she did it (or so they claim). The freakiness of the incident apart, the whole incident reminded me yet again of how fragile life really is.

You are the sister everyone dotes on, the daughter your mom really works hard for so that you can go to college, but something triggers you into taking this step. In that one step, the beating muscle stops, off you go. FINITO…..and then, nothing else matters…

I spoke with her kid brother, who’s learning to accept life without her. He incidentally, sketches and paints really well.  The kid who is going through the motions of school, who will have to decide between commerce or arts….then about earning a living….the whole rigmarole….All i want to tell him is ….to paint with all his heart and soul, and paint till he can…cos all it takes is one stroke to take it all away…

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