Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1173 : Good karma is priceless :-)

Picture this.

My “jogging track” is essentially the driveway that runs across the complex. It has a “shoulder” of about 1 mtr on either side consisting of grass, pots, flowers, shrubs and creepers.

A fellow jogger, running about 50 mtrs ahead of me, stops in his tracks, gingerly lifts a creeper which had started growing onto the running track and puts it back on track onto the “shoulder”.

If he had not done that, the creeper would have definitely died through the day, with incessant vehicles driving over it.

I realized that possibly I would not have done this – firstly, because, I would not have noticed it – and even if I had – I would not have found it odd…I would have let the “dying” remain…..

Good karma is indeed priceless – and so is a Buddha heart. Take a bow, fellow jogger.

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