Sunday, June 06, 2010

1162 : Zen and the art or re-motorcycling

I have driven bikes for almost 75000 kms in my short life, and at one point I used to swear that I could drive a bike so much better than a car. A car is something that I have had to learn. A bike came naturally to me. (Notice the past tense).

Then for a few years (2006-2007) I stopped biking. I restarted in 2008 and had a scary slip on an oil spill. My mind is now afraid of biking.

I have never admitted this loudly, before today.


(And thats why, a Fellipe Masa, who had a life threatening F1 crash last came – and  returned this year – is so out of this world – you need to be so incredibly strong to banish the demons in your head. On a different note, Wayne Rainey – my motorcycling hero – who went numb from waist down after a near fatal crash in 1993 – never managed to completely banish his demons – though I still admire him from my heart. He remains one of my all time heroes).

800px-wayne_rainey wayne%20rainey

Coming  back, to my piece, one day, before I say goodbye, I want to start biking again. The more I think of it though, it looks like, that one day is not on any calendar :-)

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1 comment:

Aman said...

Hey Amit, I do follow your blog religiously and its very refreshing. Do keep up the good work and keep in touch :)