Sunday, June 06, 2010

1159 : IDrive

I don’t know how many of you have ever played a “Formula 1” game on either a PS3 or a PC. If you have not, I would highly recommend it.

Key things to look out for when you play on a simulator:
1. The importance of anticipation – when you are off the start line – how well do you anticipate the signal – because those “gained” milliseconds – are what make all the difference at the start.
2. Overtaking or chasing a car ahead – its fascinating – that even in a game – how your heart thumps – when you know you are about to put another guy behind you. Its an exhilarating feeling when you know you are moving closer to the car ahead – meter for meter – and at one point you can read the ads on the car.

I drive quite a lot – need to actually. At a traffic signal, my F1 hat sometimes comes on. I try and anticipate the signal – and viola – its truly a big advantage if you are first off the block. I also find it fascinating – how you can nudge another car – close the road on him – and overtake him – because he has no other driving line left – all of this within perfectly legal rules of driving.

And on long stretches of road – I wear my F1 hat again  - the challenge I throw myself – how easily can I overtake the guy ahead – without breaking any of “my” driving rules, and nursing the car at the same time. I usually beat at least 3-6 cars on a 10 km stretch.

My wife thinks – that all of this “gaming on the road” is an idle mind’s wishful thinking….and at some point, I agree with her – but it keeps me focused on the road, and entertained – and I also think it makes me a far better driver.

And when the 5 red lights illuminate – its ready, steady go…

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