Saturday, May 29, 2010

1142 : RIP Jekyll

(continuing from the previous post)

Personally, I make this sincere effort to be the same person everywhere. I think, that’s what contributes to my personal equanimity (if I myself have to say that about me…how immodest) and peace.

I like to set my own standards and live by them – even if it means a bit of hardship to everyone including me (a la John Galt).

I sincerely believe if we compromise, take the softer route – even when no one else is watching us – we set a deep precedence for ourselves – we become our own benchmarks – once you break a rule – its easy to tell yourself that”rules are meant to  be broken”.

My favorite analogy is – its going to be impossible for me to tell my kid when she is 18 – that “go for it” – when in all my life – all I have taken is the softer options – the easier ones.

Like I was telling this buddy who wants to be a politician – just go on and do it ; very few of us have a calling – let alone this radical one at that – he should go for it – else at 45 he might live to regret this.

And we only live once, why include “regret” in this business. RIP.

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