Thursday, May 20, 2010

1132 : Life’s dirty lessons :-)

Was amused to read Sandipan Deb’s diatribe against Warren Buffet. Usually Sandipan, the editor of Open Magazine is a very measured and “pour yourself into words” writer. Even in this particular case the article is very heartfelt – and yet it is completely illustrative of whats wrong with our world view. He has also taken multiple potshots at Goldman Sachs in that article.

Before we go further, a digression – Vinod, a former colleague and buddy of mine used to have this theory  we used to call the “Hitler Theory” – here’s how it goes : If you ever worked for Hitler (who I have no judgment on – except that he is a very unpopular figure) in any capacity – say even as a janitor – the world would club you along with him. Your own identity gets derived from the larger broader landscape you exist in – in this case, you will be branded a racist and fascist (too)– though all you do is clean toilets.

Why did I describe this theory?

I think Warren is currently a clear victim of the Hitler theory. In this case Hitler is Goldman (again no judgments on them, just the fact they are a unpopular bunch!!) – that’s life’s lesson no #1

Lesson no #2 : Everyone likes to kick an already fallen angel. Bombay’s mob theory (ever seen an accident at Bombay…everyone gets involved and beats one poor guy to pulp). Once the angel has fallen, we don’t really care whether she was wrong/right/ugly…whatever….just take a stab. And that's what happening with Goldman.

Sandipan’s article (though heartfelt) is so fully riddled with perception, than facts, it reminds me that real journalism might be quite really dead. Sandipan has passed a scathing judgment on two of my heroes (Warren and GS) without a single pang or shudder….and that's what bothers me.

The editor(and Warren and GS) is dead, long live the editor(and Warren and GS!!). Open the magazine !!

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