Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1129 : Contentious opinion

I was talking to Prashant about a few examples of management changes in the global landscape. We invariably got talking about the IBanking industry – an industry that we have some past linkages.

We got talking about Citibank (Vikram Pandit), Nomura (Jasjeet Bhattal) and Barclays (Ken Diamond).

On the subject of change, I was telling him – in my limited (and obviously) inconsequential opinion – that to effect change – you require someone with hunger and temerity….and….

….temerity comes with youth. Like amongst IT companies – I would bet on Cognizant, because it is headed by 38 year old Francisco D’Souza – who is blind-sided by lack of experience – who will jump into a spot – without knowing how deep the crater is.

Vikram, Jassi are all great leaders – with will always have 20-20 vision, due to their wealth of experience – will be measured because they have seen at least 5 bubbles during their careers.

What Nomura and Citi need is a swashbuckler – a young risk taker – who shall burn the place down to ashes – and let the phoenix rise.

What Vikram and Jassi have the hunger for success – what we need is the hunger to build – like we see in Francisco, or the founders of Google……

Age and experience diminish the hunger to “build”…..

You disagree…..I know? This was always a contentious topic.

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