Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1123 : Marital focus

Picture this.
I am in the mall , shopping for fruits and veggies. I enter the shop with another couple. The couple looks newly married  but middle aged, the guy is around 45ish and the girl is 30+ at least.

The lady is wearing a long running list of red and white bangles on her wrists, the kind north Indians wear during marriage – conclusion recently married couple – possibly.

Guy is in yellow shirt, brown trouser, and lady is wearing a plain chiffon bright (almost fluorescent purple !!) saree.

I could not help overhear about 30-45 seconds of their conversation. Here it goes almost verbatim. (Happened in hindi/english combo, for sake of convenience – translated to all english)

Girl : Dekho, remember, you are here for only 2 more days. You have bought too many juices for 2 days.
(I stare into their cart, it has about 4-5 juice cartons of 1L each)
Guy : Not really, I am not there tomorrow evening.
Girl : Accha, where are you going?
Guy : Am going to Bombay for dinner.
(Seriously, I swear, thats what the guy said)
Girl : Will you back tomorrow then?
Guy : If I finish on time tomorrow, else Monday morning.
(I am waiting for all hell to break lose. I thought the girl would get upset with the fact that he had not informed her earlier of his travelling to Bombay, that he was still unsure whether he would be back on the same evening or not….Hell did break loose, but on the “original” topic.)
Girl : Then tho you definitely don’t need these juices. Keep at least a few of them back, please. (The “please” is misleading – she said it with the meanness of a Hummer).

Marital focus at work???

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