Sunday, May 09, 2010

1119 : Perfection. Achieved. Delivered.

I am only human. I feel envy(less of it) and a ting (lots of it) of “have I lost the plot?” when I sometimes meet my brethren?

Thankfully, such a feeling does not arise often, and thankfully(again) it does not long more than a fleeting few moments.

Yesterday was one such day…..I was talking to a couple who have lovely kids, a great house, a job to aspire for…and the works. The kids study in a school next to their home – the school is a renowned school in the city….and so on.

I sit there, in my moment of weakness – feeling - “how long do I have to traverse before I reach this level of stability?”.

Within seconds my mind had already solved the deep mathematical conundrum - “infinity”. Being who I am, and who I have been – I can never be “the” stone that gathers moss.

I am pretty certain – at a microcosm level, the couple have their own chinks, their own little holes to plug, a similarly “happy-unhappy” delicate equilibrium – and possibly they look at me and go - “wish we could be a free wheeler like him?” “see how carefree and unstrung he looks!!”

I know my own ground realities – the “unstrung”,  “carefree”,  “freewheeler” comes with a price – which I am more than willing to pay – because I just cannot live any other life. This is my “way” and I can only jog along these trails, the others are too tricky for me.

Yet, I could not help marvel at how different strokes look so suspiciously similar when observed from a height – the grass is always greener on the other side – and oh, by the way, Jagger and Rolling Stones – they are a band I really like :-)

The moss are dead, long live the Rolling Stones :-)

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