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1118 : Every picture tells a story…and teaches us how to live !

I like photography…and not just for its art form, but because there is so much trapped in that instant. There is so much you can understand as a subliminal context…without it being told or narrated out to you.

If you have never felt that way – when you look at an image - (at any image) – does not have to be shot by an ace – you are not “looking enough” – (read the blurb at the top of this blog…..)

Was reading Tehelka, and there was this story about Indian Classical Masters – shot in candid by Raghu Rai. Whole article at 

I liked one particular image, about Mallikarjun Mansoor. I like Mansoor saheb and continue to admire his life and music. This image though – races straight to the top of my list. Its the one image I shall never forget, it teaches more about life than all the books I have ever read – than all what my elders have taught me. Thank you, Raghu Rai – for this “bestest” candid ever.

beat4 IMG_1419

(clicked the above one from the magazine…)

Mallikarjun Mansur
Some of his closest disciples didn’t visit classical vocalist Mallikarjun Mansur as he lay dying of lung cancer at home in Dharwar, Karnataka. Says Rai, “He was very fond of beedis. On his deathbed, he told his son (who smoked cigarettes), ‘Pilao’. He’d ask why the doctors didn’t cure him. When I sensed he wouldn’t survive, I asked if I could leave. I couldn’t bear it. He died the next day.”

(If you cannot see the image well, its the son helping his dad smoke a cigarette on his death bed. If someone knows Raghu Rai, I would whatever to get a 2ft by 3 ft image of this blown up. Seriously,  its best gift I would leave behind for my daughter….)

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SSV said...

a la Euthanasia ?? ... The dichotomy of love and pain is just omnipresent I guess! :-))