Saturday, May 08, 2010

1114 : Register here for daily dose of irony

Spousey and I were at the registrar office yesterday (where they register land properties). It took us 4 hrs to do essentially what was a 7 minute procedure. This despite of paying the mandatory “large sum” paid to a fat agent for “greasing”. If we had not paid that, we would have never gotten to “owning that property in government” records ever.

Brings me back to my favorite question – I pay taxes, am as honest as jackfruit (the fruit stinks, and is thorny – you only touch it – if you really like it….thats honesty right??), never do anything intentionally immoral or unethical and yet – my own country treats me like a scumbag.

Everyone knows the “registrar” office is full of leeches – and yet we cannot ever influence a change in any realistic way. We have to grin, grease, pay and bear. Open Secrets…..yet we live with these tarts.

The country is dying, long live the nation.

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Lost Soul said...

All the thinking minds (who are seriously capable to bring a change) are with MNCs or flying abroad with fat paychecks...All it takes for badness to win is for Good ppl to do nothing..

Amitabh said...

I am one of your fat guys with a (not so fat) pay check and working for a so so mnc organization. The baddies won because me is so lazy...I kind of agree with that :-) but then I would rather change the world at my work, than at the "registrar" office.

Lost Soul said...

I am so like you... not so fat pay check, lazy to change the world but accept it the way It is with so so MNC though not a fat guy..