Friday, March 12, 2010

1074 : Disgrace by JM Coetzee

Was reading bits of Disgrace by Coetzee again. (My mom made me read youth, which was equally brilliant!!).

Disgrace is a small 200 page book, about a very simple everyday theme – how growing entropy envelopes and overcomes life (eventually).

It remains one of my favorite book in the “stark” category, a la “The Trial” by Kafka, bereft of any linguistic gymnastics, shorn of any other embellishments, nothing but good clean storytelling with haunting graphic images that will never leave you.

One of the quotes in the book by the protagonist is

"One gets used to things getting harder; one ceases to be surprised that what used to be as hard as hard can be grows harder yet."

That resonates a lot with me !!

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Navamey said...

Hi there!
Came across your blog yday while googling for the meaning of the song 'Dil toh bacha hain' n got to say you have done a really good translation of it. I couldnt help going thru the rest of your blog and feel connected :) ...used to b a blog world regular once upon a time n sometime at the end of last year had taken up a resolution to get back here too.. though 3 mnths dwn the road and it was left out. Not sure if I'd get back to it but definately will come back to urs cuz I am really enjoying spinning this wheel!

mr bojangles said...

heh.. glad to know another Coetzee fan. :-)

Amitabh said...

I loved Youth as well. Similar theme, similarly haunting.

Glad you found something useful here. Do drop me a link to your blog, could not find it, since your profile is hidden.