Saturday, February 13, 2010

1068 : Bombay Bangalore Drive

We just finished the 1040km door to door Bombay Bangalore drive. It took me a driving time of about 19 hours which is not really bad, but which is much worse than expected. I wanted to achieve it in 12-14 hrs over a 2 day period.

The biggest fuck up is the Hubli - Chitradurga 150km NH4 stretch. It looks like a war zone, feels like a war zone and is a war zone. This stretch alone took us some 5 hrs to negotiate. Its terrible…..

Full of single lane bad roads and trucks, its a nightmare.

And on the route we paid toll a total of 12 times….(I think), and for some fucking bumsole reason, the guys at Karanataka want your car number on the reciept….and the toll gates add 10 minutes of delay everytime you encounter them, due to huge queue of cars.

NHAI needs to learn to make our lives easier, not harder….but then who in their right mind expects this to happen in the next 15 years. Thats the beauty of my country :-)

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