Tuesday, February 09, 2010

1066 : Who is the one who is cooking?

I love cooking, and sis, mother and wife think I am the best F***king cook on this planet (obviously, buddy, that is their love speaking…love is usually….no….love is always and always blind ))

I enjoy cooking, and going through the whole rigmarole, cleaning, washing, cutting, cooking, tasting and serving…..nothing pleases me than watching home cooked food being devoured by loved ones.

My wife often asks me, how do I manage to cook things well? Where do I get my recipes from? Strangely, I never ever have an answer for it.

Like I made aloo methi today after almost an year. I don’t have a written recipe. I don’t even have a mental “in your head” recipe.

For me, cooking is almost like typing. I dont know the QWERTY keyboard by rote– as in I can’t recite it, but yes, I can type at 20 words a minute using 4-6 fingers  and never once looking at the keyboard (never learned typing formally).

Similarly, I can never write down or explain what goes into the perfect aloo methi….but give me a kitchen….and the magic works itself.

It surprises me (more than anyone else) where that “magic” works from….where does it flow from.  Its almost as if, my hands and eyes know how to cook, but my active brain has no f***king clue of what is happening.

Question is, if it is not within me, then where does the “cook” live?

Is this what is often confused as the “God” within us?

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