Sunday, February 07, 2010

1057 : Let it be, let it be….accept and grin !!

I was talking to MaPa (mom and pa) yesterday, updating her about my -between-job-status” and the fact that though not finalized yet, how my new job could potentially mean some relocation( at least).

Most people I have spoken to about this, so far have had reactions of shock and then a muted “if thats how it is, then so be it.”….and for people close to me, its also a pain of separation (on both sides actually!!)

Ma’s first reaction was “awesome” and Pa said, “just go for it, you will be infinitely wiser for it”. They both encouraged saying “we don’t understand what it is you do at work, but for your happiness, if you have to travel a bit, then do it, we will all make time for each other.”

It was also fascinating to hear Ma innately understand that I draw my happiness and energy out of my work, and for me work is not really a means to an end, it is “the be all end all”. She added “given that, you must do whatever is necessary for the sake of a good job.”

Its refreshingly (and pleasantly surprising) to get this level of understanding and acceptance from the loving world around you.

(Then there is my lovely sister, who definitely hates ;-) me for (possibly) moving, but again shows superwomanish traits in accepting and letting me be, almost saying in the initial days "do what you have to....we shall make time for each other".
A muaah for all you. You all define my world, and if I move, I will try and ensure that my world revolves a little faster :-)....that way, I shall have some overlap with you loved ones.)

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expressing myself... said...

hi amitabh... i almost wait to read your posts..they are really awesome, as surprising as life...

Amitabh said...

The poet in me smiles. Good to know you. You dont post too often though, do you?