Wednesday, February 03, 2010

1051 : Wisdom of a modern day Dilbert

I work in a corporate wormhole, just as all my friends and acquaintances do. Some in  technology, some in advertising, some in banking….but a wormhole by any other name is still a wormhole.

In that sense, I am a modern day dysfunction. My world during the day is THE wormhole, my conversation in the evening over beer is about A wormhole, and at night with spousey is again wormhole re-visited.

No farms, no animals, no rackets, no shenanigans, no……(and so on) – unless of course you can seek the specimen of the species at the wormhole itself.

Get the drift.

So much “wormholing” in my life – its only fair, I only dedicate a section of the blog to Dilbert and his modern day apostles.

Some of these posts will be juvenile and irreverent (use them as a destressor) and some of these shall be simple enough normal wormhole observations.

Lets start the journey.

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